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Providing Food Assistance in Morgan, MN

The We Care Project is dedicated to resolving food assistance to residents in the Morgan, Minnesota area. We are honored to serve local individuals and families in need, as well as our senior population and anyone who is in need of food.

There are many life circumstances that can prevent families from accessing the food they need to survive. Losing a job, reduced income, medical bills, high fuels costs, and more. Whatever your situation, we understand and are sensitive to your needs. We are committed to helping the Morgan MN area residents and their families enjoy healthy meals even if they cannot afford a trip to the grocery store.

Senior Couple Enjoying a Meal
Kids Cookling
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Fighting Hunger

During these uncertain times and in light of the pandemic, the need is greater than ever. We serve all vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or high-risk conditions, and those who have lost employment due to the pandemic. Our food shelf provides nutritional products and pantry staples to all locals who are experiencing hunger or economic uncertainty — no matter the cause.

Promoting a Healthier Community

As part of our mission to ensure all members of our community are fed and nourished, we welcome everyone who needs food assistance to our pantry. We offer a wide variety of foods, both frozen/refrigerated and non-perishable. The We Care Project firmly believes that a fed society is a happy society. To help people return to work, recover their health, and care for their families, we provide comprehensive food resources and collect donations to support a better, healthier community.

Packing Food Assistance Boxes

Get the Support You Need

We care about you and your family and are looking forward to meeting you!

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